A Blog About the Infosec.Exchange Fediverse Instance

  • Scaling Mastodon – Part 1

    It’s been nearly 2 months since E-Day, when the mass migration of people from Twitter to the fediverse started in earnest. At the time, infosec.exchange was humming along well on an AX101 (AMD 5950, 128GB RAM, 4TB NVME ssd) server from Hetzner in Germany. I spent a lot of time tuning, tweaking, and making mistakes. […]

  • An update on growth of infosec.exchange

    Today marks exactly one month since E-day, when Elon Musk took the helm of Twitter and caused successive waves of people to look for alternative social media platforms. I’ve had a half-written set of blog posts on the scaling process I went through, which keeps getting pushed back to focus on the burning fire of […]

  • An update on Journa.host

    The fediverse instance Journa.host, which was created to cater to current and retired journalists, faced some serious challenges over the past few days. One of their members posted a link to an article on the New York Times site that has been described by many members of the transgender community as transphobic. The administrators and […]

  • Infosec.Exchange Update

    Hello friends. Infosec.exchange just (quietly) celebrated its 5th birthday being part of the fediverse. For much of that time, the server had been running in a ssdnodes.com VPS. Over the years, I bought increasingly large VPSs from ssdnodes, and for the most part, the server would start out pretty quick, but then experience a significant […]